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Can Protein be a cause for hair loss?

Protein is a growing ingredient to help people maximise their workout and supplements are a good way to ensure you have enough protein in your diet to help grow and build muscle. However, there are ways that protein is unhealthy - here are five reasons why:

  1. The Cancer Link –

Wheat protein is made entirely from cow’s milk and suggested dairy products could help drive prostate and breast cancer. From research it has been found that Casein, a protein in milk, has a link to the increase in cancerous cells in the body.

  1. Dairy Deforestation -

Due to the amount of dairy products consumed by the population, a reduction in the amount of whey protein consumed will help reduce the environmental impact.

  1. Digestive Problems –

As we grow older, we start to have an increase of tolerance to dairy products and that can have an effect on our stomach - this can cause cramps and illness. As whey protein powder is a processed food item with a nutrient composition that is very different from that of natural whole foods, it can have a serious effect on our gut.

  1. Protein is toxic –

Certain brands of whey protein powders have been found to contain high levels of mercury, lead and other toxic substances. It is advised we do not consume these toxic metals on a recurring basic. There are negative effects on your body, especially for younger people and pregnant women.

  1. Link to Hair Loss and Acne –

Certain dairy products such as milk contains DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and researcher over the past years have found that DHT has a negative impact on your hair and can cause hair loss. DHT inhibits and reduces the proper growth of hair in the follicles in a process called miniaturisation.

Once you start to experience hair loss or baldness there are certain solutions to help you overcome and deal with the hair loss. These include certain supplements, laser light therapy, and hair fibers. DermMatch is a scalp concealer that helps camouflage your baldness to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Although this is not a medicated solution, it’s a cosmetic solution that will help your feel better about yourself.

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