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How It Works

Lifts & Assists Growing Hairs

The DermMatch formula coats the entire hair shaft from top to bottom. This coating thickens the hair shaft tremendously and helps lift it up. Thin, limp hairs stand-up and spread out for spectacular fullness. The DermMatch formula is specifically designed to help growing hairs. The formula is topical, made to rest lightly on the surface of the skin. Growing hairs from the follicles below are free to flourish.

Colors & Moisturizes Naturally

DermMatch contains colorants obtained primarily from mineral and plant sources. There is no hair dye in DermMatch. It comes in 8 blendable shades that color your skin to match your hair color. These colored shades help hair loss disappear. Any shampoo removes DermMatch completely.

DermMatch contains emollients that soften, soothe and moisturize your skin. The formula is loaded with botanical and natural ingredients. One of the key ingredients comes from palm leaves native to the Amazon. It helps give DermMatch its water-resistant properties.

Water Resistant

DermMatch stays on so well you can swim with it. You can also brush your hair with it. Don't try swimming or brushing with hair fibers or other hair loss concealers. You can't even bend over with them. They can fall right off.

Precision Application

Only DermMatch gives you EZ Reach, EZ Grip applicators. They make application, quick, clean and precise. Application for hair fibers, sprays and other hair loss concealers is out of control.

Costs Less to Use

DermMatch is a solid. It lasts a very long time. The average reorder time across all customers is 8 months. Hair fibers come in a jar full of air. Spray concealers come in a can full of propellant. One hard-packed disc of DermMatch lasts much longer and costs you much less to use.

Eight Blendable Colors

If you're wondering what color to buy, look in the mirror. Look at your hair root color in the area of loss. This is the color to match. If you dye your hair one color, match that color. If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root color.

If your hair color falls between shades or if your hair is turning grey, you can blend colors. Like an artist's palette, all DermMatch colors are blendable. Blend the colors right on the tip of your applicator or apply one color on top of the other for a perfect, blended match.

Can't make it to the salon in time? If you have grey roots popping out or grey hair anywhere, we've got you covered. DermMatch colors grey hair instantly. Just rub it on the hair. The effect is temporary, until you shampoo. DermMatch contains only safe colorants and no hair dye.