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Causes of hair loss in women

There are many reasons why hair can fall out or become thin and some can be serious. Women do have a variety of different reasons why their hair falls out.

  1. Iron-deficiency – There are a number of different symptoms with an iron-deficiency including, pale skin, palpitations and indeed hair loss.
    1. Causes – Heavy periods or an inability to absorb iron efficiently can cause the deficiency.
    2. Check your GP – Will give you the best advice to help you with your deficiency.
  2. Diet – A bad diet can deprive your body with vital nutrients; therefore hair shafts are weakened, causing breakage and slow hair regrowth. Providing all the nutrients to your body will help improve the condition of your health and hair.
    1. Avoid low fat diets
    2. Weight needs to be lost slowly
    3. Water – Improves hair health
    4. Detox before losing weight – Toxins can be released and can do more damage to hair.
  3. Underactive Thyroid – Hair loss is one of the first symptoms to an underactive thyroid. The hair starts to appear sparse.
    1. Contact GP – They will give your medicine to help deal with the problem and tackle the hair loss.
    2. Iodine intake should be increased - Iodine is essential for thyroid function, it’s found in many food products.
  4. Stress – The stress hormone cortisol will be produced when we become stressed, therefore lowering the progesterone hormone, leading to hair loss.
    1. Support? The positive thing about stress related hair loss is that it’s reversible, this means that once you overcome the stress then after a while your hair will grow back.

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