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DermMatch side effects?

DermMatch is a hair loss concealer product that has been around for decades doing its job of offsetting hair loss. It has a track record of safety that runs back to 1992. Critics of hair loss products in general, however have made it their business to allege adverse reactions or other side effects associated with heavy usage of DermMatch. Every ingredient in the DermMatch formula is tested and is safe to use. DermMatch is a topical cosmetic, not a drug. DermMatch does not contain any hair dye. The DermMatch formula is loaded with emollients and botanical ingredients. Emollients soothe and moisturise your skin and hair. Botanicals are natural ingredients, derived from plants, many of them tropical.

While there can be health concerns linked to any potent compound applied directly to the human body, there is no established evidence connected to this or most other popular hair loss concealers to suggest any toxic effects result from its directed use. One thing to stress from the outset is that although no real evidence of side effects exist with relation to DermMatch, there are potential side effects that may be possible if the concealer is used improperly. The first thing to note is do not ingest this product! Topical agents are designed to be applied to the skin or scalp, not to be digested as though they were nutritional supplements. This is especially important considering one of the functions of DermMatch is to thicken the appearance of hair. This is accomplished by coating the hair follicles, meaning ingesting the substance would perform the same coating action on parts of the digestive tract!

In summary DermMatch is safe to use unless used incorrectly. DermMatch contains safe ingredients that will not cause any harm to your body. 

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