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DermMatch Vs Couvré

Both of these scalp concealers have positives and have been highly rated by many different customers. In this blog, we will show the differences between each product.

Firstly, Couvré.  This scalp concealer is a lotion to make your hair look instantly thicker by eliminating the contrast between thinning hair and the scalp. This product is waterproof; it doesn’t smudge and is easier to apply with the sponge provided. Couvré lasts approximately 30 days.  Available in five shades. Couvré contains no dyes and does not block pores or interfere with normal hair growth. Couvré is suitable for use over transplanted hair and can be used in conjunction with other products for example, Regain. It is suitable for use by men and women, looks natural and delivers great results.

Dermmatch, this topical formula coats the entire hair shaft from top to bottom, giving spectacular fullness. The results are provided instantly. It's a hard-packed powdered formula that's safe and healthful for your skin and hair. It's loaded with emollients and botanical ingredients that soothe and moisturize. DermMatch contains only safe colorants and no hair dye. The product should last approximately 120 days, that’s typically when DermMatch customers reorder. There are 8 blend able colours to match any natural hair colours.



·         Waterproof

·         Lasts 45 – 60 days

·         Doesn’t smudge

·         Sponge for application

·         5 colours

·         Natural look

·         Water, wind and perspiration proof

·         Doesn’t come off when swimming

·         No smudges

·         Easiest application

·         Lasts 90 days

·         8 colours

·         Better value for money

·         Natural looking hair

·         Will stay on even when brushed


Overall, we feel that DermMatch is definitely a different product to couvre. At £34.95 it’s definitely better value for money. From customer experience DermMatch has proven not to be as messy as Couvré. It looks better, stays on better, applies neater and even costs you less to use. We guarantee it. DermMatch is the only hair loss concealer with a precision applicator. It's the only one that coats and lifts the entire hair shaft with botanical hair-thickening agents. Lasting between through tough weather conditions and swimming.

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