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Onion Juice and hair growth: is it effective?

Effectiveness is the degree of which something is successful in producing the correct result. In medicine, effectiveness relates to how well a treatment works in practice, especially as shown in pragmatic clinical trials.

No product is 100 per cent safe, because all products have side effects. These may be very minor, but they may also be serious. Different people respond to medicines differently. There are several factors can influence the chances of side effects. These include the prescribed dose, the condition being treated, the age and sex of the patient, and other treatments which the patient may be taking, including herbal/complementary medicines. Ultimately, healthcare professionals have to weigh up the pros and cons of each medicine when deciding on the most appropriate treatment.

For hair loss will the remedy or solution work for you? Every person is different and is there a real effective cure for hair loss? Is onion juice an effective hair loss solution? Has there been clinical trials for onion juice?

Onion Juice may be effective, however the effectiveness may be only be 1 in 1,000 people. Therefore if it worked for someone, it is highly unlikely that it’ll work for you. There is not enough research and clinical trials to prove that onion juice has a high efficiency and effectiveness to cause hair growth.

Hair loss ‘solutions'-

The hair is a complex, complicated organ and has always been a mystery to many people. Everyone’s hair is different, and that’s why we haven’t found a perfect solution. Once there is no root in your hair follicle, your hair is dead.

However, there is a chance to reverse your hair loss cycle. For many individuals hair reverts from terminal hair to vellus hair before the hair follicle completely dies. Terminal hairs are the thick, long and dark hairs that have fully matured. Vellus hairs are short, thin, lightly-coloured hair that develops on the human body in childhood. Vellus hair has a similar structure to terminal hair and both types of hair grow from a hair follicle. The most common form of hair loss, male pattern baldness effects both men and women and this type of baldness occurs when a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacks the hair follicle. This hormone weakens the hair, causing it to turn thin and brittle and eventually fall out. If hair regrows, it may be the weaker vellus hair rather than terminal hair. Many treatments for baldness attempt to convert vellus hair back to terminal hair by preventing DHT from attacking the hair.

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