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Get to you know your local trichologist

A lot of people feel like they are suffering on their own when they are suffering with Hair Loss. It's a deeply personal issue that can affect your self-confidence. Who do you turn to? Most of us will turn to one of two people - our GP or our hairdresser. There maybe another person to turn to that you have never heard of before - a Trichologist.

What is a Trichologist?
Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair. A trained Trichologist is able to diagnose and treat a variety of disorders and diseases of the human hair and scalp. The most common cause of hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia for both men and women. However there are endless causes of Hair Loss that could require a different treatment. A Trichologist is perfectly placed to help you find the cause of your hair loss issue and the best way forward to treat your condition.

Hairdressers may know a lot about hair, how to cut it and how to style it. However they don’t know much about hair loss and 99/100 of them will avoid the topic altogether! Hair Loss is a difficult and personal issue, it isn’t cool and it isn’t sexy. It goes against everything a hairdresser is about and the solutions they will look for will only be temporary. They might style your hair differently to conceal your hair loss, but they won’t be able to offer any treatment or long term solution. While its not a hairdressers fault, your hairdresser isn’t the place to go to discuss your hair loss.

We couldn’t blame you for thinking your GP is a great place to start on your journey to diagnose and treat your hair loss. GP’s can be a great place, but they can also be a dead end. It really depends on your individual GP and their view on Hair Loss. Many GPs see Hair Loss as one of those things that happen in life and just should be lived with. You’d be surprised to know that GP’s aren’t actually trained to cover some of the most common hair loss causes. We can’t blame GP’S for this! Their jobs are hugely difficult with endless patients with every illness and condition coming through their door. What your GP can do is a blood test to monitor your blood serum levels. This will shed light on whether your hair loss is caused by low iron levels or a thyroid issue. Beyond that you are may be left without a solution!

This is why Trichologists can be the most important person in your hair loss journey. They have been trained as experts in hair loss and problems of the scalp. While you may have never heard of Trichology before, you may find that your nearest Trichologist is just round the corner. We work very closely with the Institute of Trichologists, originally formed in 1902.

To find the nearest Trichologist to you, follow this link:

If you enter your postcode you can find your nearest Trichologist.

How to Get Thicker-Looking Hair if your are thinning!
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