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Tips to help you look after your beard

Hair loss can occur anywhere on the body, including facial hair. If you’ve been growing your beard, how can you tell that it’s safe against hair loss?

We have five tips to help you look after your beard –

  1. Exercise – When you exercise, your body produces testosterone and your blood circulation improves. This means that the body can get vital vitamins and minerals to your hair quicker. Therefore, contributing to the health of your hair on your head and face.
  2. Diet – One of the biggest influence on hair loss is your diet. Making sure you eat the right foods, trying to avoid sugary junk foods and eating more vegetables will help your hair become healthier and thicker. The more vitamins and minerals you take in means a better chance of healthy hair.
  3. Care for it - You need to make sure you wash your beard like the hair on your head - regularly, and with shampoo. You might even want to try special beard oil, which will help keep it smooth and healthy. If you help maintain your beard hair, it can have an increasing effect on shape, thickness and volume.
  4. Stress - Stress is never a good thing, and it can be particularly bad for beards. Just like the hair on your head, excessive stress can cause hair loss.
  5. Keep hydrated - Water is the root source of energy for each and every cell in our body. Water helps improve the health of our hair, not just our skin. Even mild dehydration can sap energy from the hair roots and can result in hair loss.

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