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Using DermMatch

In this blog we will be answering questions about DermMatch from the recent FAQS

How do you apply Dermmatch?

DermMatch comes with an EZ Applicator, simply rinse the applicator, apply product and then place that product on your scalp show through. This makes the application quick and easy. Replacement applicators are only £3.95. Your purchase also comes with easy, step by step instructions with big photos and helpful hints. If you are still unsure go to How It Works page on DermMatch.

Is DermMatch Unisex?

Yes, DermMatch is compatible on men and women. Many of our happy customers are women. Unlike men, women have a more diffuse pattern of hair loss, making them ideal candidates for hair loss concealers like DermMatch.

Can DermMatch be used on any skin colour?

DermMatch customers come from every corner of the globe, with every ethnicity and every skin colour imaginable so it is compatible with any skin colour. DermMatch will make whatever hair colour you have with eight blendable colours.

Can DermMatch be used with any hair style or hair type?

Absolutely any hair style or type will be available to hold DermMatch. DermMatch application is flexible to accommodate any hair style. This is perfect for super-short hair, shaved heads, bald areas, beards and eyebrows. Dry application also works great for permed, curled or braided hair when you don't want to disturb your style.  

Can you use DermMatch with hair styling products?

Make sure you apply DermMatch first so your styling product doesn't interfere with your DermMatch application but you can use DermMatch with any hair styling products.

Can you swim, sweat or brush my hair with DermMatch?

Yes, with DermMatch you can swim.This is one of the biggest differences between DermMatch and hair fibers, sprays and other hair loss concealers. They can come off if you brush or even bend over. Don't even think about swimming with them!

How do you remove DermMatch?

Using shampoo can remove DermMatch.

For more information go the how it works section of the website -

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