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What makes DermMatch different from other scalp concealers?


There are three different types of scalp concealer; sprays, lotions and compact powders (DermMatch). Each type is applied differently but they all work in the same way, creating thicker and fuller looking hair, primarily camouflaging the scalp. 

Spray -

The first type of scalp concealer is a spray. This type of product is very easy to apply and efficient at covering bald patches. They leave a fuller appearance by using the unique coloured pigments to match your hair colour. This type of product can be easily removed with shampoo. It's quick and easy.

Lotion -

Another type of scalp concealer is a lotion. This is a cream that helps the more severe scalp show through and it immediately camouflages the bald areas of the scalp. This formula won’t rub off or stain and can easily wash off with shampoo. 

Compact Powder -

The final type of scalp concealer is a compact powder. This has two main functions, it helps camouflage scalp show through and it coats the entire shaft of any existing thin hair to thicken and lift. The results are provided instantly. This has greater resistant to water, wind and perspiration than other scalp concealers. DermMatch is the only product that doesn't come off during swimming. Compared to other scalp concealers the product lasts 3 times longer. DermMatch works entirely different from the lotions and sprays, using the grip applicator. The application is clean, quick and precise. It is one of the best hair concealers in the market as it provides natural looking coverage with its unique topical shading technique.

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