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Alopecia Areata

No other product in the world can make your hair look this thick and full. DermMatch is far more effective than hair fibers and sprays for concealing all the variations of alopecia areata. DermMatch looks better, stays on better, applies neater and cost less to use. DermMatch stays on anywhere you apply it, including the back and sides of the head. You can apply it dry on totally bald heads for subtle, natural shading. You can swim with it, sweat with it and brush your hair with it. DermMatch is loaded with botanical and naturally derived ingredients. Emollients in DermMatch soften and moisturize your skin.

Looks better
No other product in the world looks this natural. Ultrafine powders in DermMatch look perfectly natural on your skin like a 5 o’clock shadow. On thin hairs, botanical ingredients in DermMatch coat the entire hair shaft. Thin hairs thicken, stand up and spread out for spectacular fullness.Hair fiber concealers look like tiny particles on your skin - not good for bald areas. They don’t coat or thicken thin hairs like DermMatch and they don't give you the same fullness. Spray concealers shoot out of a nozzle and make a mess of your hair and skin. Customers say that sprays "look like hay” on the hair and appear unnatural on the skin.

Stays on better
You can dive in a pool or sweat at the gym with DermMatch. Go ahead and brush your hair. DermMatch stays on. Don’t try this with hair fibers, sprays or any other hair loss concealer. Hair fibers can fall off if you bend over. They won’t stay on the back or sides and you can never brush your hair or swim with hair fibers. Sprays can leave your hair matted and impossible to brush. Sprays also run very easily in water.

Applies Neater
Only DermMatch gives you EZGrip, EZReach, applicators. They make application quick, clean and precise. You can even create natural hairlines, temples and eyebrows. Hair fibers rain down uncontrollably from a jar. Sprays make colored clouds in your home. Hair fibers and sprays don't give you any control. DermMatch gives you perfect control at your fingertips.

Costs less to use
DermMatch is solid product. It lasts a long time. The average reorder time across all customers is 8 months. Hair fibers come in a jar full of air. Spray concealers come in a can full of propellant. One solid disc of DermMatch lasts longer and costs you less to use.