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Hair Restoration Surgery

If you see a guy walking around with a bad transplant, it was probably done a long time ago. There's no excuse for that now. Hair restoration surgery (hair transplants) have come a long way in the last 10 years.

Hair transplants are your own naturally growing hair. What is actually relocated or transplanted, are tiny bits of skin containing productive hair follicles. These follicles continue to produce hairs even when relocated to bald areas, because they are taken from donor areas (back and sides) where hair follicles are genetically pre-programmed not to die.

The right surgeon and procedure are everything. Do your homework. Be sure to learn all about follicular unit hair transplantation, today's gold standard for hair restoration surgery.

The world's leading hair transplant surgeons use DermMatch regularly. In fact, that's how DermMatch got its start back in 1992. The photo to the right shows Dark Brown DermMatch used to enhance on an old "pluggy" transplant. Surgeons call this "increasing apparent density". Hair restoration surgeons also use DermMatch to cover temporary postoperative scarring.

DermMatch can be safely used on hair transplants anytime beyond the scab phase. Surgeons often use DermMatch 24 to 48 hours after surgery, but their application techniques vary and often differ from the application instructions provided with your purchase. Always consult with your surgeon before using this or any cosmetic immediately after surgery.